Monday, March 31, 2008

Baby Shower!!!

Ok so Friday night my dad came over and him and Billy painted the baby's room it looks so good!!

They got done in 5 hours and that was with dinner in truned out really good! We were all really happy with the colors. So saturday morning billy did some touch up painting and we got the apartment ready for people to come in. Before the shower my friends came over to eat and feed thier baby after they were done eating they wanted to play with our dog. Now our dog is all over the place and has never been around a baby but has been around small kids. So i was a bit worried. Juliet playied with Gavin soo good. She didn't step on him or knock him down but kissed him and wanted to play so i know that she'll do good.

So off to the shower we were and i was so excited cause i knew we were getting our crib!!! So we playied some games and i got to see some old friends i haven't seen in a while. Then we got to open gifts and we got a bunch of cool stuff!!! This really helped us out alot... and haveing had this shower is just one step closer to Dax acctually being here....Billy has been asking me to ask my doctor if we can have him early. He just can't wait.

Sometime is wish my eyes were a camera to take pictures of the things i see cause getting a camera would take to long. My dad poked me and said look. Billy was in the corner by the crib with the womb bear we got to his ear. It was really a cute image. The closer we get the more excited billy gets and i find that so cute. I can't wait to see the first time billy gets to hold his son in his arms.

So they took all the stuff to my apartment and put it all in his room. This is his room so far. We have some things we want to make for the walls and put on the window and move around.

The Crib in the newly panited room

His closet with most his out fits in it i still have that green bag up there filled with PJ's and a bag of plain onies and a bag of pants. So the kid has a ton of clothes and more are washing.

His dresser changing table that is now being painted brown. We also have gotten a glider chair and there is a twin bed that go in there and im making wooden letters of his name to go on the wall above his we are getting there! Just 22 more days.

oh yeah my silly dog had a good time too she was so tired that night and the next day. When ever you get out of your seat she takes it and since we both have been sleeping on the couch she lyes on our pillows this was her being the lazy dog that she is so i covered her she's my baby girl


Kara and Clay said...

Hey stephanie! I was wondering if you could help me out with my blog...I need to figure out how to put a main picture on my page, and also how to add the Family and Friends list. Thanks!

Your baby's room is way cute btw, I love the colors!