Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Offical 9 months

So these last 9 months have been really great i've really enjoyed being pregnant...but with all good things im ready for it to end! im in my last 33 days and i couldn't be more excited im going to get to hold my son in my arms soon. On top of that im going to get to be in control of my body again.

But with all the baby showers coming up and with he dropping right now and every one saying im not going to make it, it just makes it all to close for me. It wasn't until the 20 week utlra sound when we found out what it was that i was really pregnant and yes it happened to me. Now its more like im going to be a just hasn't hit me yet. Theres alot that comes to mind when you say mom....its crazy to think that on June 25th, our 3 year anniversay, Billy will be 25 i will be 21 and we will have a two month old. Its just crazy to think about. Time flys.

But the next few weeks.....well im getting really excited we both are. We have one more baby shower on the 29th. After that anything can happen. Im really looking forward to the whole thing. The hospital stay, the birthing, poeple coming to see me, the first time billy gets to hold him, the tears i just cant' wait.

i don't have a lot of stuff in his roomn yet but give me two weeks...we talk all the time about what he might look like, will he have hair? red hair? curly hair? funny shaped head? will he be a fatty or wrinkley? Billy is getting really excited and im so glad.... we will have to keep you posted on the next few weeks....after april 1st anything can happen!!


Aimee said...

cute shirt!
i bet you are getting so excited!!!