Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My big project for my 100th post

Can you believe it this is my 100th post. It came fast as i have alot to say and share. So for this spacial occasion i had a big project i started last weekend. Im not fully finished yet as i have a husband and a baby as well as a dog to take care of...lol

So last year a friend gave us this bed:

Its not the cutest thing but i had an idea in my head. So after 4 spray paint cans and gathering stuff around the house i had this is what i came up with.

Now i have my night stand out side still drying that's being painted black and give me another month and the dresser will be black too. i can't believe what a difference some new color gives the room...so now is the hard part. The living room is black white and red the bed room is black white and __________. I like light green or yellow or blue im not sure. As soon as i find what color i want im going to add some pictures and some flowers in those buckets on the wall and get a nice comforter.

So what do you think?


Becky W. said...

Cute Steph, you are so creative Ü

Aimee, Josh & Mylee Jensen said...

thank you!
i don't know how long i will for but im not just going to stop because it makes people feel uncomfertable.
anyways wow mylee weighs 21lbs lol

oh and the statue is at the scottdale civic center in downtown scottsdale... they don't have them in every state but there are several of them around :)

AngelaMuir said...

The Bed Looks GREAT! don't you just love do it yourself projects! and i know i LOVE Amy Butler fabric! i actually am working part time at a local craft store just so i can get the discount on her fabric! so fun! Where can you even buy it in Nashville? i never saw it there.