Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Already 6 months?!

Can you believe little baby Dax is 6 months! Where did the time go? Well he's been so great. Here are some things he's been doing lately. (will get pictures up soon)

* teething

* sitting up by him self

* sitting in the shopping carts

* taking baths in the big tub

* putting his arms out to us when he wants to be held

* rolling over

* going on 20 min laughing sprees (and i mean screaming and laughing and squeking)

* Sitting in a big kid rear faceing car seat

* wearing ties and sweater vest to church

* dancing

He's a great little kid and we both love him sooo much. He's so happy all the time and laughs and giggles at everything and eats well and sleeps great and is a good nap taker and loves his puppy. What a blessing he is to us. 6 months old