Friday, October 10, 2008

I gave in!

This book is SO good and to find a book that keeps my attention is rare. This was such a good book I'm sad i didn't read it sooner. But Harry potter is still number one!

I'm getting read to read number 2...


Book one: loved it (10)
book two :still enjoying it (9)
Book three: Umm OK yeah.... (7)
book four: um that's ok but I'll still finish it (5)

All in all i did like the story but towards the end kinda didn't care any more but it kept my attention and that was something cause i really don't like to read but this was cook most definitely not better that harry potter but book one made it right up there....i still suggest for people to read it


Aimee, Josh & Mylee Jensen said...

the commercial doesn't air till next year. then i will put it up.
and we will find out around christmas what we are having!