Friday, October 3, 2008

It came!!!!

About 3 months ago i got on the internet and went to the white house website. I knew they were really busy right now but it came last night. Dax got his letter from the President last night. This will be a nice thing to put in his scrapbook. You can tell the address was hand written and they really did sign it.


Aimee, Josh & Mylee Jensen said...

that is so weird that we never got ours :(
do you rmemeber the site you went too?
i sent for one 3 times! 3 times! and nothing!

Amy Juhasz said...

I know you don't me at all, and I don't know you, but I hopped to your blog from Aimee's and saw this. How cool! When I graduated from highschool my parents sent a graduation announcement to the White House and I got a card back signed and everything from the Bushes. Never would have thought to send a baby announcement!