Wednesday, June 17, 2009

High lights

OK so I wanted a change without cutting my hair. It's in this awkward stage right now. It either needs to be cut short or left alone in a pony tail until it gets longer. So I put in highlights with the help of my sister. The pictures don't do Justice it looks so much better in person. It's way more blond than red/brown now...


AFTER: (mind you this was late and I'm not wearing any make up!)

Also an update on the weight loss challenge! It's over finally. Well I started back in January at 150 pounds. I was big for me. A few months later after finial weigh in I can in at 137! I was so happy seeing that my goal was my pre prego weight (135) but that wasn't enough I lost 13 pound that was 9% of my total body weight. The winner won with 13% we were so happy for her. She took home $410. So now I'm going to yoga and kick boxing at work during lunch to lose that extra 7 pounds.


Melissa said...

Good for you Steph!! Its hecka hard to lose that prego weight (from what I hear). Cute hair too!! Thats what I do when I want a little change...bring on the hair color!