Thursday, June 4, 2009

When it finally comes....

Doesn't this room make you happy? I can't wait till it's time for us to get a house. There's so many things I want to do. Put hard wood floors in the whole house, change out all door knobs and knobs on cupbords, paint every room, have a food garden in back and a flower garden in front, i have so many ideas!
Im currently working on some really cute wall art for the living room. I will also be using this wall art for some pillows im going to make. I will be posting those art projects soon.


The Caretaker said...

I know exactly how exciting it is when you move into a new house. Your mind starts racking up all these much fun. And your bag that you won will be there soon...I haven't forgotten. Sorry it's taking so long.

Anywhoo, I have some bloggy love waiting for you, go check it out.