Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 9: A moment

One moment I can get real emotional about is my son. From the day I found out we were pregnant to the day I had him. I remember waking up and taking the test. Billy know I was going to take one just not that morning. I didn't think it was a big thing. That 2-5 mins your suppose to wait got me thinking and felt like forever. I had to wake him up cause I wasn't sure how to read the darn thing. Well it was positive! We were so excited and just didn't know what to do. I remember the phone call I got while I nervously waited for my name to be called. It was Billy. He was on his way to school and he said he'd been crying.  He was really excited and nervous but he loved me either way and wanted to make sure I was ok. He told me how happy he was. They too said it was positive.

The day I went in to have him Billy had a finial to take at school so my step mom took me to get induced. I was so scared and unsure of what I was about to do. I was so ready to have my son in my arms. Everything went well up until 12 in. I started dilating backwards. I had to have a c section and boy did I cry.  The next day I had little Dax in my arms. He was so little and so awesome. What a sweet boy he was and is today just bigger and louder. I remember these moments and they make me happy. These two boys are all I've dreamed about.