Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Road trip round 2

So I've been really busy in getting things ready for last weekend. This last weekend Dax and I drove to see Billy. It was really worth the trip and I'm glad that we did it.

Friday at two am I put Dax in the packed car and we were off. On the road we were. Just as we were coming into Florida Dax woke up at 7:30. We still had about an hour and a half before we got  to base.  Once we got there we went to McDonlads and ate. I got the text that he was done with work. So we changed and went on base. I texted him that we were waiting. I will post the video later but Dax was SSOOOO happy to see his daddy. That moment there was so worth the trip. They were so happy to see each other. So we went and played on the playground to get the wiggles out of Dax. It was so nice to get the two of them together again. We left and went to the mall. This mall in the area is soo cool and has way better stores in it. We left to the hotel. This time I stayed at the Navy Lodge. This is on base so everyone who was there was some how related to the military. I had an ocean view it was beautiful. Took Billy back for roll call then to sleep. Boy was I sleepy, pulled almost a 24 hour day.

Saturday we got up and went to get his buddy James. We took him to go ship something off and to look at the house we were looking at. Only to find that someone was moving in..bummer. We went to waffle house. It seemed that Billy's room mates took up half of waffle house. Dax ate so good this time around and was just having a ball with James. We went back and picked up another sailor friend and went to the mall. Any chance these guys have of getting off base I'm willing to help. They get so bored all the time. We hung out at the mall and did some shopping. Dropped the boys off to get ready for the ball while Dax helped me get ready. Took Dax to the child care and picked up the 3 boys. We got there and it was just beautiful. The tables were pretty and the planes all around us. We ate and listened to the speakers. They gave away doorr prizes. We won free child care!! After dinner we got our pictures made and danced all night. It was so much fun. I just felt so pretty in my dress. It's nice to get dressed up once in a while.
We picked up Dax, Billy did his roll call and off to bed we all went. What a day we had.

Sunday morning Billy wakes me up and asked me where I put Dax to bed at last night. Tha kid was sitting on the floor in front of Billy saying hi daddy. He had for the first time climbed out of his pack and play. My crazy kiddo. So we spend the day together and we went back to take Dax to see the air planes.  He just loved it. He loved seeing all the different air planes and getting in them. Daddy was even so nice to have bought him a little Blue Angel plane. This was the only day this weekend we got him to nap. It was nice to take a break. We later dropped him off at base and said good bye to him and James. It was nice to come and see him this weekend. Saying good by is always the hardest and with Dax not really knowing what is going on it was hard to see that. When we drove off all he could do was cry for his daddy and I could do was cry. It was a busy and full weekend. I had gotten a speeding ticket, backed up in to a car, and dropped my Nikon. Poor Dax ran in to a window, fell and cut his knee, peed in every out fit I put him in,  and cut him self here and there while misbehaving. It was a weekend. I took Dax back to the hotel and we watched toy story while I packed. I let him sleep in the bed with me.

Monday morning I woke up at 7:30am and the kid was still asleep. I had to wake him up. He watched Mickey mouse house while I packed up the car. We were out of there by 8:30. On the road wasn't to bad but it could have been better if I hadn't has lost the  DVD player power cord. I know right horrible mother. So we stopped like 3 times. he cried alot, threw toys, put his toys in time out and sang. It was ok. By the time we got in to TN he fell sleep. What a good boy. So he slept for 2 hours on the way home. He was so happy to see everyone at home but was still asking where daddy was. We all got our showers and cleaned up and put to bed. The trip is over. I don't know when I'm  going back out and I don't like that feeling. I miss my husband so much. The times where we just hand out and he holds my hand and helps me with Dax. I know that we are getting one step closer to being the 3 of us again for a while. It's just hard know that he's not deployed yet.  Just living some where else and I'm not living there with him. So it's all in good time.


The Burton Family said...

What kind of event did you go to? It sounds like fun. You looked beautiful.