Thursday, April 28, 2011

At last!

An update on where I have been. Its been a crazy few months down in FL. It hasn't been the best. Our house sucks, I'm now a stay at home mom who has no idea what she's doing, and Billy's sechedual keeps changing. Our house has window units that don't work as well as cental air. It's so hot down here now and not to talk about humid. My family came down here to visit us for 3 weeks and that was hard. But nice to see them. Dax is now potty trained. He did so well with it I;m really happy how it all turned out.  He's getting so big. Also in big news, I'm pregnant! We are so excited. We were tring on this one and what would you  know it happened the first time we tried. Within the first month my test said yes. We can't wait for our baby to be here in November. Well most likely in October. I am having another C-section so i pray it goes better than last time. Billy got his orders so we are waiting for his hard copies. We are almost out of this dumpy place and i am so happy.  Not much has really been going on. We have just been the 3 of us mostly. Cleaning house, going to the park, watching movies....I have been cooking more so that's always good. Well i do plan on updating more often now that we got the computer fixed and internet working well. You know with all our changes going on.


The Burton Family said...

Stephanie- I just wanted to say I've been in your shoes almost exactly and I'm sorry. I now how hard it is to live in an apartment you hate, trapped with a demanding toddler with a husband who is barely around, especially knowing once you transfer things are sure to get better but you are stuck indefinetly. I also know what you mean about the stay at home mom thing. I went back to school 16 credit hours when my son was 1 month old and didn't let up until I graduated last December. Being a full time mom is really hard, and anyone who thinks getting to be home all day with the kids is a vacation is insane. I just wanted to leave you a message saying I'm thinking of you and praying that things get better soon.