Monday, April 20, 2015

Its been to long dear friend.....

Its been a while since i've been able to hop on here and write post. Life seemed to get really busy for me and having a crappy computer didn't help either. So let me get you up to speed really fast.

Me and Billy are getting ready to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and just that alone means so much to me. We had a daughter. She was born in GA and is now 3 years old(going on 13). From Florida we moved to Georgia when i was 6 months pregnant and we had lots of fun while we were there. I will from time to time post about our adventures there. After 3 years of Billy always being gone on deployments I got the call one day that we had gotten orders. So after a crazy PSC move we are here and settling in well. 

Alice Springs, Australia

Its been a crazy ride from start to finish but its been almost 6 months.