Tuesday, December 9, 2008


While i was out on leave i started to save the tops of the soda cans for the hot topic can top drive. Well they ended up not doing so when i get closer to finished i will post what i've been makeing out of them. But when i came back me and my friend started to save the whole can. Its been 4 months now and today was the day we took them in. They were taking up every extra ounce of space i had and they were taking over Heather's house.

Its 57 out side and raining. We got all the cans and drove over to PSC metals. We dumped all our cans in the bin and weighed them. 65 pounds. We did the math and that was 2,080 cans total. When we started it was .76 cents a pound but it has droped down to .50 cents a pound. But we still got $32.50 for all our cans.

Most of all those cans came from our work here at the Tennessee lottery. With meetings and parties and just keeping a trash can in the lunch room. We are going to keep this up with hopes of the rate going up to get a little extra cash!

*** Pictures to come soon*****