Monday, December 1, 2008


So this year for Thanksgiving we went to Billy's mom's house at lunch time. Then went to my parents house for dinner. It's funny to see all the different dishes that can be made. We did all this with a sick baby (Dax had croup) and with me not feeling up to par. It was nice to get to my dads house and relax for a time. One thing that me and the baby did while Billy slept was we watched the parade. Dax really like it.

But I've been thinking alot lately that i have alot to be thankfully for this season. I have a wonderful husband, and now Dax is here and he's the greatest little guy, i have an apartment of my own, food in the kitchen, and lots of love. Im so grateful for the things i have. Mostly the ones you can't see or buy. I love my little family and can't wait for the next time the families get together.

Now I did go out on Black Friday but i didn't mean to i went to Joann's to get more Christmas gift fabric. I will be posting closer to Christmas the gifts i have made they are very cute!