Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas came!

So christmas came this year!

We woke up christmas day and we all opened our gifts. Here's roll call.

For christmas Billy recived from his wonderful wife:
a two year supcription to the AP mag, a ticket album filled with concerts and stuff we've been to the past 3 years, a signed tour card for coheed and cambria, UT vols cups, and fake tattoo sleeves (the joke gift)

As for me i got a post secrests book from Billy, boots, a dress, and another outfit i don't have pictures of. I got hotrollers from Billy's mom, and a jewelry box from my family!

And that leaves Dax....Dax had a blast he would tear the paper and then try to eat it but he got a lot of fun toys and a new outfit (that not by choice had to be worn) he took a really really late nap but slept so good that night. Dax got from us a new moive, a toy and and top. He got toys from both grand parents and a piano from his cousin.