Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

So Friday night we went on a Haunted walking tour of down town Nashville. If your city does this you should do it. I learned so much about some of the buildings and history of the city. We started off at The Hermitage hotel. This place is beautiful! The doormen wear top hats and walk your dog. This is also where we have a lot of the celebrities stay.  Then we walked to the Capitol building. Who knew there were two dead guy's tombs in the building! There is also the 10th  president buried on the grounds. This is where we captured orbs. Orbs are round balls of energy from sprits that you can capture on film.  After capital hill we went to this old church. Now back during the civil war time this church was used to  house injured soldiers. There were 300 men who died on the chapel floor. Not only that but there has been seen the ghost of an old bishop. One day while rewiring the chapel they had to pull up the floor boards. Yep there was a coffin and in the coffin 120 years later was the man of the walking sprit. The catholics believe that the saints would not decay and they there were preserved perfect. Maybe that's what they wanted for this man or maybe they knew he's be safe from grave robbers here. We'll fast forward and he is there as of today. There is a room where his coffin sits. You can go in the room and pray along side this old Bishop. I don't know about you but knowing 300 men died on the floor and there is still an dead body in the building. I don't think i could go to church there. We then followed her to the Ryman house. I've been here before and it's sooo pretty. We learned of the stories here. All in all this was pretty cool. I've done this once before on my honey moon in New Orleans. Now that city is FULL of history and stories.

Saturday we went to my church party. This year they were soooo unorganized and it wasn't all that great. But Dax went and he had fun running around in his costume. At one point he came up to me eating the bun of a hot dog. This kid wont eat hot dogs. I was just hoping that he didn't take it from some one. These older boys were shooting dax with their guns. It scared Dax. I don't know who would let a kid bring a fake gun to a church party. I guess that's just me. I dressed up in my sailor girl out fit! I tried going  for the more pin up girl look. Big curls, short hair and red lipstick. Everyone loved it.

Sunday we went to Heather's church party. Her Halloween parties are always so cool We go in and get our pictures taken and then off to eat some chili. After chili we went and jumped on the bounce houses and the play ground. After we did that we were in line for the pony rides. Well this night didn't go so well. Dax took an early nap for when we went to church. We didn't go to church, we were doing other things since lexis was in town.  So after we left the party (early) I got him some chocolate milk he calmed down and fell asleep at 6:45pm. I had to wake that kid up this morning...lol he had a rough night.