Friday, November 12, 2010

I gave in!

So I've had my eye on some bedding for a few months now. It wasn't on clearance and it wasn't on sale, but it was perfect. This is the picture I saw and knew it was it.

These two pictures is what got me on the colors. But the bedding in the first pictures is now discontinued as it always happens with me. So I found some at target. I went this week and bought it. Yep I was so proud of my self. Not only did I buy something I wanted but it was new and not on sale. I did buy if for cheaper than the normal person. It's listed for $69.99 and with online promo codes and free shipping I got it for cheaper than that. It felt good.

There were these two pillows that go with it that I really liked but not for $50 liked. So I went to joanns this weekend and bought fabric for them. I could have bought two pillows for $50 or spent $15 to make two of them. I also changed it up a bit so they aren't the SAME but similar. I think they are  We are still making them so pictures to come soon. I also am looking for those cool lanterns.