Friday, November 12, 2010

Power tools and paint

So with us moving soon I felt I needed to have a few things done. Billy wants to invite a few of his sailor friends over for Thanksgiving. Well I don't have a table or couch for us to all sit on. So this last weekend was the 50% off everything at good will. I found a set of 4 chairs. They were $3 each! They aren't the cutest thing....yet.

So after we stood in line for an hour we were off to Joanns'. I bought some fabric and then we went home. I got started with sanding them. I sanded all 4 of them. Later that night I took off the old fabric and cleaned what was left. I then put on my new fabric. The seats looked AWESOME! I also put a sealer on the seats. Sunday I then painted all of them two or three times. They were looking good.


So I had a few days off. I went to the storage unit and found my table. It was a small round table that could hold 4 people at it. My mother in law found TWO leafs for it. That made all the difference. I then sanded and painted the table black as well. This set is looking so good.

I also found some oval frames. I've been looking for frames like this for a while. I found two of the same size and one larger one. Ummm not really what I was wanting but I can make it work. So I have my silhouette project coming up soon!


The Burton Family said...

WOW!!!! Those chairs look AMAZING. I would have loved to see a before and after shot, but they look brand new. Great job. You inspire me to try that myself.