Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 6

Vera is now 6 days old. Coming home has been interesting. First you have Dax. I have been worried about him and these moments. I think he's doing well. The first day we were home two hours and I don't know what came over him but he ripped his bed sheets in half. Yes he is 3 and no his daddy isn't the hulk. So that was out of the blue. I have been trying to make special effort to included him on things and to not hide out in rooms and send him away. When she is sleeping i try to play with him or read books. The first day or so I told him i could play pirates cause i was doing something. He put his head down and dropped what was in his hands and walk away.  A little dramatic but it broke my heart so we played. He's been really good with baby sister and really likes having her around. So with the help of Billy we are trying to be better about that. Its just hard when the build up to this was going to the park every day and going to story time. So it's been crazy having all of us locked up, but it's also getting colder out side and it's just not happening.

Billy has just been a huge help around the house it's just awesome. He's looking out for me and helping get things done. He gets to stay home with me for 14 days.  So he'll have to drive me places when we need to go. Like Vera's dr appt she had and we are getting pictures made this week! He's such a great husband. He has fallen in love with his daughter and can't get enough. He can just watch her sleep. He's so glad that things have gone the way i want he knows its all important to me.

I have been healing great I am able to do most things for my self. I do take it easy cause I still get a bit  swollen in my feet and just tired but it's really been great. Compared to last time when I really couldn't do anything didn't want to eat or drink anything, I had so much extra weight on me I just wasn't in a great state. This time has been great I'm still sore down there and will be for a while, my stitches are sore but otherwise I'm always hungry and losing pounds by the day. So far I have lost 15 pounds and it's been 6 days. Breast feeding has also been something new to me. I tried with Dax and it just wasn't happening. Towards the end of my leave I found a nipple shield. With out this I would not be able to nurse. Its the only way either of them will take. But seeing that I was going back to work in two week I stopped pumping and started formula. Seeing that I get to stay home with the kids this time I plan on nursing for a while. Its been hard she's had her good days and we've had our bad. Staying up all night has been crazy hard running on 2-4 hours of sleep every night to wake up and do it again. Im not  napper I just can't. So time is all we need.

Vera is doing great she's eating alot so I'm hoping by the time her next appt comes she's back to birth weight at least. I love to just watch her I mean she sleeps alot but she's so darn cute. Dax loves it when she looks at him he loves to look at her eyes. With my help I let Dax "hold" her and she just looked up and stared at him. You can tell they are going to get along well.

Juliet the dog. What can I say she's crazy. She didn't really care much while I was pregnant, but I think too we scared her a bit when we left in a hurry but now that we are home she wants to be so motherly to her. When every she cries or starts moving she's there by her side. The first night we were home I was asleep getting ready to wake up and feed her soon. Vera in her bed next to me, Billy on the bed on the computer.  All of a sudden Juliet tries to get in the bassinet. Billy goes to check it out and Vera is choking. Neither of us heard her so now we more alert.