Friday, March 12, 2010

Summer Consignment sale 2010

So it's that time of the year again! I've worked me 3, five hour shifts and last night was worker shopping night! For working the sale I received a $50 credit and first shopping night. So I was able to get everything I wanted.
This year there wasn't a lot of clothes in Dax's size so I made due with what I got. I also had a few things at home.

9 shirts
7 shorts
1 swim trunk
3, 3 piece set PJ's
one church out fit
a chair
Thomas train set
Thomas movies
Thomas book
Thomas bath toys
blues clues movie
6 pairs of shoes 4 being BRAND NEW!
5 puzzles
a ride on toy
a baby gate
6 books
a Dora memory game
a bag of CARS cars
a bag of animals
a bag of tools
and the wonder pets boat thing

This shopping trip was a good one. I love working at these things not only do I get the discount and the easy shopping experience (when the public is there it is crazy busy) but I get to meet other moms and talk to people. I don't have many (like 3) friends out here so its nice to be around others with the same interest. Seeing too that there are not to many LDS members out here.

Here is the post from last years consignment sales.