Monday, April 27, 2009

Brooke Baird Photography

This weekend was fun. With Dax's one year coming up we wanted to take some new family pictures. If you remember 6 months ago we went in to Portrait innovations.
They did a great job and we were happy. But this time around we wanted something different. We knew we wanted to be out side and since it's beginning to be pretty that was a good idea.

Well I met Brooke Baird threw cafe mom. I signed up when I got pregnant with Dax. Brooke is a photographer. Click on her name and it will take you to her Brooke web site.

These are a few examples of our session you can see them all on her Flickr account.

Here's how it went down. I had wanted to do it out side. She was totally cool with going anywhere i wanted. We chose to go to the Parthenon down town. Being me i gave her a hand full of obstacles. First the music city Marathon ran that morning so it was still messy from that. Anyone who was going to prom that night was there taking pictures with their family's. There was a wedding shoot with the whole party. There were tons of girls in bikinis, guys with guitars, people with dogs and Frisbees. The sun was way to bright (and hot), I was sick Dax didn't have a afternoon nap (I have know idea why!)

We walked around for about an hour. We had the option to stay longer but with Dax and me and the tons of people i was ready. But we got a lot of cute shots as you see. She was so good with Dax I mean come on she got a shot of Dax's teeth and you can't tell that he was crabby in most shots besides the one where he's crying...He's so funny.

But for everything I handed to her not one extra person got in our shots. They came out with beautiful colors and crisp lines. If your looking to do some shots out doors this is the person so call. You can reach her threw her web sites or her email. All her links are listed below if you couldn't find them with in the post.

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Also if you tell her that i referred you she will give you a discount! Ask about it....

Brooke Baird

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Brooke Baird Photography