Friday, April 24, 2009

My anniversary

So my 4 year anniversary is coming up. I mean its in two months but anything we do i we have to plan and save for. But I'm lost for ideas....

Year one:
The night before we did the relay for life. I made a new dress (as pictured) and we went on a 3 hour boat ride on the General Jackson show boat. We didn't enjoy it as much as we should have we were beat tired.

Gifts:I got him an ipod clock

Year Two:
This was taken on our way out at the relay for life as we stopped by to say HI...The restaurant we wanted to go to we couldn't find. Well it wasn't opened for business yet it was brand new. So we went to this cute Italian restaurant where Billy had squid on his spaghetti (so gross)

Gifts: I got him a personalized picture of him in an ipod commerical

Year Three:
I had just had Dax less than two months and we stayed a beautiful hotel for one night and went to a really good dinner. We walked around down town Nashville and slept in....

Gifts: he got me that Betsey Johnson dress im wearing

(this is the picture taken at my birthday two months after our anniversary. The anniversary picture is to gross to post twice)

Year four: well billy wants to go to a hotel for one night but Chattanooga isn't far or i don't know what else could we do that would be fun....


Year five: CRUISE!!!