Monday, April 27, 2009

Grease Monkey

Yeah that's me working on my car. When ever I get the chance I love to work on my car. Learn what sounds mean and where things go and how to fix it. I've been stuck on the free way far to many times now to not know anything about my car. This time around I'm helping change the brakes.

I know a lot of things. Billy taught me to change my oil, my front brakes, where all my fluids go, how to change the intake manifold, the belt, and what sounds mean. I've never gotten the chance to change my own tire when flat cause someone always stops to help me or is the person who told me it's flat. But I do know how to. Threw our two cars we've leaned a lot. Just before this we couldn't get Billy's car to turn on at all. Then when we fixed that issues we couldn't get it to turn off. Well he got a new enition. He took it to work and his dad and brothers took the whole steering wheel off it was crazy but now it works. Next on the list getting my car to pass Marta then fix my two broken windows! :) oh happy times.

But if you are reading this post I do advise the women to know alittle about your car. Twice I was stuck on the freeway PREGNANT! But now I know for next time.