Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Professional Administrative Day!

So yeah i thing retailers make up hoildays to get money. But i do believe that everyone needs a day to come out and be reconized for what they do. Alot of the hoildays or birthday get looked over or forgotten. Well what about the few that say everyday you should show your love and graditude. Ok well that only lasted one day. It's a hard thing to do every day. i try to but when you have a baby and a full time job and you have to take care of the house and a husband and make sure things get done you just don't have time sometimes you know.

So for to day i say "HAPPY PROFESSIONAL ADMINSTRATIVE DAY!" And to celebrate me and two other Professional Admins are going to the wild horse for a FREE lunch paid for by 95.5 the wolf!

This very day last year i waited all day for my baby to come (being that it was his due date...) Yeah he didn't . But his birthday is next week!!!!