Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Photography Goal #4 DONE

That's right number 4 is done. Here is is to prove it!

My business card are on their way. I really really didn't want to use my name as the name of my "business" but it was all i could come up with. See i want to do all around photography and i think I'm going to school for photo journalism. (not sure yet) But for now that's all i can think of.

But i made a shirt too. How cool is that and it only cost me $12!

Click my photography goals to see what else i have in mind....As soon as the over cast, snow, tornadoes and other nasty crap is gone I'm heading out doors.

So once again if you live in Nashville give me a call for your FREE photo shoot that's right the first one is on me...

Check out the new web site Ledbetter Photography