Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July!

Well this weekend was pretty fun! I got off work early on Thursday and Friday I had off. So Saturday we started our morning watching our toons.

We got the infant seat back from my parents house and Dax loves sitting and playing with it. So he watched his toons in it with bear.

We later headed over to Vinnie's house for a cook out. We had hambergers and chicken and yummy food. Beth came over too with her two boys. Phoniex and Chris.

While he was cooking we went out and about to take some pictures....

He's giving me a cheese

Daddy got a new hair cut. So nice. But we had fun! Yeah it rained but we put Dax to sleep and at 10:30 exploded about $200 worth of fireworks it was so cool. That's one fun thing about Tennessee is you can get fireworks. Arizona is way to dry to think about that. Here is what we had to set off!

I don't have any funny pictures of the boys setting them off because it was raining. Camer+water= dead camera

But it was a good time! Happy 4th to everyone...