Tuesday, July 28, 2009

There is a first time for everything

So yesterday was my first full blown funeral. It went well. I left with the other two people in my department to go to the church. This church was so big and pretty with a huge white steeple. I was a little nervous being that it was an open casket. I walked up to her husband gave him my best wishes and went to see Kelley one last time. She looked great. So much better than the last time I saw her with her being in a coma and having tubes come out of every where. She didn't look like her happy self. But seeing her yesterday, she was so peaceful.

The services were great, lots of singing and funny stories. They even saved her spot in the choir for her. She was really a great person. Of course like I would imagine most funerals are hard on the family, and it was. My prayers go out to them. It was hard when they closed the lid to her resting place. That was the last time I would see my dear boss. They carried her past our row and out side to the car. We all drove to the cemetery. What a great plot they got for her. Under a big tree. They did a dove released and that was really cool. Everyone from work was there and all her family and people she worked with in Georgia as well as some of the big time Lottery chair men.

It's still hard for me to think and realized that Kelley is gone. Not gone from my heart but that she's not coming back to work that we aren't going out to eat any more. All her stuff is still here. I just brought back her sewing machine she let me borrow. I've gotten in to a habit being here two years now, when I take the papers back to the CEO's desk in the morning I have to walk past her desk. I always look to see if i beat her to work or if she bought donuts today. Then one day a few weeks ago it was open and she was here. She's a real trooper. When she was here for those two days she told me that she graduated with her bachelors. This has been her goal for a while now. To get her degree before she turned 50, and that is what she did. I loved her and will miss her. I know she is not in pain any more and I know that she is where she wants to be. In the presence of her Lord. She was also reunited with her parents. So I am happy for her.