Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kelley Cavalier

Today I had a very hard choice to make. If you've had a baby I will gladly come and see you in the hospital. If your sick don't count on it. Seeing that I can't do hospitals. My boss of two years had been lying in and out of a hospital for 10 weeks now with heart problems. Last night she went into cardiac arrest and ended up in a coma today. I really was hoping she would gt better and come back to work. When I got back from lunch today I left again in a van full of people to see her. They are letting Kelley got to her heavenly father tonight at 6. They are taking her off of light support. There is nothing we can do she has lost all brain waves. We were hoping she would do better enough to get a heart transplant.

Kelley had a big heart. She was the sweetest person I've worked for. Looking out for Dax and everyone she met. She has what her dad had and what killed her dad. Some heart disease. We love and will miss her and her sweet spirit.

It feels like this happen all of a sudden. Her office is still filled with candy and stuff. I bought back her sew machine finally.
Don't mine me this was the baby shower Kelley threw for me at work. She's the one in the back ground.