Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's that time again!

So we took our cans in a few weeks ago. We had so many. We had to volunteer our friend to take us because there was NO way they were all fitting into our cars. So we drove over there dumped them in the bin. This time most of them were crushed. This next time they WILL all be crushed. Here is our picture from this trip.

For 2,380 cans at .32 a pound we got $23.70. How crazy is that we had about 300 more cans this time around and got less. It was .50 a pound last time...:( but it still bought hot wings from Hooters
This was the picture I took last time. 2,080 cans $32.90......Both times the bin was full but you can fit more cans in there if they are crushed.


Aimee, Josh & Mylee Jensen said...

yeah she loves working out with me for about 5 mintues then starts climbing all over me lol that is why i can only do it during nap time.
and no not any mommy friends that stay home. plus its too hot to even go walking at night