Thursday, July 22, 2010

After 3 weeks!

I finally got my first letter from my husband! He's been at boot camp now for 3 weeks. Tonight I was suppose to get a call but we'll see if he still does seeing that he technically called me last week (but only for info) so we didn't get to really talk. I was sick at home yesterday so it was really nice to have gotten a letter. I can already hear a new tone in his words.

He said he's doing well. He's passing all he's test and inspections. He says it's alot like collage tons of classes. Boot camp would be easy if you just shut your mouth. He didn't realized how hard it was to get a 18-19 year old to just shut their mouth. Because of that they get "beat" they work out until they just can't. Looks like Billy's nick name is Glasses!  It was really sweet cause one of the thing that he said was that he was sorry he didn't take the extra time every day to tell me how much he loved me and how beautiful I am. I mean don't get me wrong he did alot for the most part. He's just missing us a ton. I can't wait to see him on my birthday! Only 5 more weeks!