Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The fourth of July

So today me and Dax went to the Mount Juliet ward with my parents. Oh have things have changed. There were alot of new people there but being the summer time alot of my old friends were there I havent' seen in a while. During first hour where we are all together my dad was showing Dax some pictures on his phone. It was testimony meeting today so it was some what quite in there. Dax sees a picture of him that has Billy in the background. As loud as can be, "My daddy my daddy at home! My daddy." yeah he's missing his daddy alot. I've been trying to tell him you know daddy's at camp and we'll see him later but he's 2. I think this whole move and daddy be gone is getting to him. He's not eating at all with me. This long weekend he's maybe eaten enough for one day's worth. I'm trying to get him to eat anything right now.

Other wise after first hour I took Dax to his class to come back and not know where Sunday school was. So I went and asked my friends and they were all like oh its down the hall. Well I over heard one of the guys say it was in the chapel. So we walked down the hall and I was going in the chapel and the guys weren't. I was like hey I thought it was in here. "Oh this is the singles class so yeah I guess you do have to go in there..." So I went to Sunday school by my self. It was sad not having any one in there to sit with. It didn't help that the guy teaching  reminded me of Doug off of that old cartoon. So I went to talk with  Bishop Lasson. Asked about my records being transferred and talked about how I was going to be there for 7ish months. He felt bad he didnt' get to say good by to Billy. It was all so fast.

It was good. After church we went to Billy's mom's house for dinner. After dinner Dax was starting to tell me he was tired. So we went to Providence and walked around some. After some time the parking lot lights when out and the fireworks started. It was just me,  Dax and my sister Rachel. We couldn't really see the fireworks so after about 20 mins we started to leave. We weren't really in the mood for them tonight any how. As we left the real ones started and they were huge! So we pulled in a dirt lot and watched. Dax was like Oh pretty!  it was so cute! Then we bailed early. I think everyone is still getting use to the idea that Billy's gone and now we have other people we live with. The dogs got in like a real dog fight the other night. It was scary. Juliet is so little. Dax isn't eating and I don't feel like my self. It's been almost one week so I hope it gets better soon.