Thursday, July 1, 2010

The last two weeks

In the last two weeks it's been so busy. It was ok cause it helped me not to focus on Billy leaving. We hit our goal and got all of our stuff out of the apartment on  Thursday. We were so happy. So here's the great part. Friday we left for Gatlinburg. It was our 5 year wedding anniversary. We spent the weekend kid free in a cabin on the top of a mountain. It was great.  The second day we were there we went and walked around Gatlinburg and went to the aquarium. We got home at like 3 it was so hot and we were so tired. All we wanted to do was get back and fall asleep while watching TV. The TV broke. Yep it worked that morning and stopped when we got back. It took them 3 hours to tell us what they were going to do about it. Well they offered us an extra night but we couldn't do it cause Dax was being watched and we didn't have extra money for things. So we played alot of shuffle bored and foss ball. We tried to fill the 4 person tub up but the water was brown it was so gross so we hung out in the hot tub out side alot. The trees and the sounds were so pretty and relaxing. It was nice to spend our anniversary and our last weekend together.

On the way back we stopped by the farm. We stopped by and hung out on the porch swing. This year there was corn. Almost all the way up by the farm house. There was grass over grown everywhere, it was kinda strange I've never seen it like that before.  After that we went up to the cemetery to see his family and his grandpa. Alot of his family was in the military. He wasn't going to be able to come up there for a while and we always go see Grandpa Billy when we come to the family reunions. I love road trips we always have fun.

So we got back in town Sunday night. Monday we went and talked with Grannie for most the day. She's so funny. I love Grannie advice. She also made Billy two blankets. He will get those for Christmas. They are TN VOLS  fleece blankets!!!

 Tuesday Billy was getting really nervous and he thought I was mad at him. He worked out all day and I think he really stressed him self out. This last two weeks I've really tired to be supportive and we've talked about the boot camp thing and how we both felt and I think everything was left on a good note. Tuesday night  we went over to his mom's and most the family was there for hot wings! They all had some advice to give to him and then they all said their good byes. Then off to work out again. Oh a side note Dax was AWFUL that night. He was mean to both  Phoenix (1) and Chris  (3). Pushing, taking toys, dumping juice on Phoenix's head, screaming, kicking  hitting the 3 dogs. Then hitting mommy and pinching her. Yep he was in time out most the night. He can wear me out some nights.

Wednesday came. I've been pretty good not to let Billy see me cry. I wanted to be strong for him and let him know I'm proud of him. It's sad he's leaving but it's all for the good. I let him sleep in. We got ready and by 9:30 we left the house to go to his mom's. He wanted to work out one more time. Now this poor kid hasn't been eating much at all the past 3 days. So on top of being nervous he's really hungry. So he works out and weighs in. 193....He can't weigh any more then 196 so he's in the good! And boy does he look good :) So he took a shower and while he did that I went and got a calling card and Dax a Buzz lightyear sippy cup. When I got back his mom had gotten off work. We ate lunch then took some pictures at his mom's. We drove to Galitan and I got to meet his recurtior. He was nice but not what I had pictured. We got there and filled out some paper work. They gave Dax some balls to play with and boy he had a ball it was so cute.
I didn't know I could see him off at the air port so this was my last time seeing him. As we left the center his  recurtior went to the rest room and while we walked down the hall way back out to the parking lot the tears came. I didn't want him to see but he thought it was cute. Dax being 2 didn't and wont really know what's going on and for not having a real nap that day he did give hugs and kisses. It was sad seeing him off but it was bound to come sooner or later.

And off goes the car to the hotel, and mine back home. Before we went home I had to get my mind straight. You ask how...Shopping! We went to walmart and I got Dax his new jammies! Aren't they just the cutest!! I've found that he likes Buzz better than woody. He still calls Woody Dora for some reason. I got a top for $1 for me and a few tops for Dax for  $2 for the winter.  Then off to target to get a bigger Buzz. He has one that's the size of like two quarters on top of each other it's small. So I got him a bigger one and I put his name on the Bottom of his foot. That's his favorite part. But Buzz flys everywhere its to cute. When we put his new jammies on he flipped out he thought it was just the coolest. We then went to old navy. I found alot of cute stuff there but I think I walked out with 2 items. I know it's silly but getting maternity clothes in extra small you can never tell. But for $3 you can't pass that up. As we were there Dax lost his plug. I could not find that stupid thing any where. This is the year we ARE getting rid of it.

We got home that night. I had a head ache, I had cramps, and I was sad. I cleaned up more of my junk around my dad's house and made Dax dinner and gave him a bath and put him to bed. I really wasn't in the mood for much. Dad made me soup and we watched that Percy Jackson Lighting thief movie. It was good just long. I went to bed at 10. I just lied there for a while and just cried. I know this is for a good reason and I know he's doing it for the family and wow is it going to be great for us and a great opportunity for him. But heck I'm going to miss him so much and I'm going to miss his hugs and the random information he has in his head.  I got scared. Knowing that for the next while I'm mostly going to alone, raising Dax, doing things just the two of us. I"m going to miss being "married". I love that he's my best friend and we have fun together.  But I guess now what I'm looking forward to is seeing him in his dress blues at graduation. He's going to look so different in 9 weeks!