Monday, July 26, 2010

One of those weekend....

Yes I had one of those weekends and it sucked. I had to make the decision weather or not to go to the reunion. Well as much as I wanted to go I just couldn't take Dax to the farm house being as hot as they say it's was and not have a house with air. So we didn't go. That was cool with me. Saturday didn't feel great and we did some shopping for Dad and just hung out. Sunday I woke up and wasn't about to have any part of the day. I felt awful. So Dad and Rachel went to church and Dax was in bed. I watched the shinning for the first time and make flowers out of ribbon. It was fun. So when everyone got back and woke up it was potty time. Dax has not given me any trouble with the potty training at all. So he sat and we read and wow he pooped on the potty and he thought it was so funny. So I get him down and clean up the books and what not. I looked around the corner for Dax and there he is just getting done squatting on the kitchen floor. He laugh and ran up stairs. I was in shock on what he did. My parents in the other room were like what is wrong. I told there there was a huge turd on the floor. Yep they all laughed it was funny until I had to clean it up. But I think he's understanding a bit more on what he is to do.

So later Sunday night I get a call on my phone. Yes it was my husband! I was so excited to hear from him. I was his prize for winning his challenge. So we talked for two mins before my phone died. I know I good for messing things up. So I ran in the house all up in tears having everyone looking for my charger. I knew that was it. I didn't even get to say good bye. Well he had called back and said he was going to try his mom but he loved us. For the time I did have he got to go to church for the first time this week. Got his dog tags and religious medallion yesterday. Tomorrow he goes under to get his wisdom teeth and two molars removed. He starts gun training next week. He's really enjoying it and I'm glad for that, but dang I'm really missing him and having a hard time with this. It's been 4 weeks now. I know that it's going to be 6 months at a time. I should have more contact with him when out and about but I love being married. At times I feel so alone. He gets me in ways that others don't. I don't have many friends out here in Tennessee. It's just something we are going to have to learn to deal with it's just hard right now. So hopefully I can feel better soon and keep the stupid phone charged. Lesson learned.