Thursday, August 5, 2010

My second letter!

Yep I got a second letter from my honey. He said that last week was their medical week. All those shots you get and the dental work. He said the shots were fine it was just the last one that sucked. It's nicked named the peanut butter shot cause that's what it feels like. He said it hurt to walk a few days later. He got his wisdom teeth and two molars removed. He said that worked out great. He got to spend two days in his bunk and took lots of meds. He got fitted for all his uniforms. He said he looked good in them and he's really excited for the peacoat. They have pictures in a week and a half. They start gun training this week.

This letter was really sweet. We are both trying to stay busy but it's still hard to put the fact to the back of your mind. It's hard in every way not having him here. The other day it would have been nice to have him pick up Dax and go to his open house, but I had to  go to the Mac store after work and then go to the open house it was a mess. He misses us so much. I sent him  some pictures and he said he cried and all the guys said he's such a big boy and looks like Billy.  He's excited to see us on graduation. Just a few more weeks!