Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh man....

So I'm just so antise right now. Billy should have finished up battle stations this morning. Meaning I'm getting my call in like 6 hours! I'm so excited! My last day this week is tomorrow. Then Thursday it's off to IL. Yes I will have a full car, yes the MIL is riding with us, yes I'm stressed beyond belief but I'm going to be in the arms of my best friend come my birthday! Im going to be tons of pictures and I'm taking my huge lens too. I've got some things packed in the car already and finishing up tonight. I've got my map and my parking passes and everything.

One  thing I'm really excited about is the night before graduation. I found this website http://www.navyformoms.com/ and there I found a group. This group is  alot of the mom's and wives of sailors who are graduating this weekend. We are having a meet and greet the night before and its really going to be cool to get to meet some of these women who have loved ones in Billy's group. One girl said she has received 14 letters from her new husband. I just couldn't believe it! Billy did very well in sending 5. There was even on division that only sent one and has not called or nothing. So we are getting to the bottom of that.

I'm really excited for this whole thing. This is the first time Billy has "waked" at a graduation. This is really a huge deal for us. This is the beginning of something new and great for our family. It will be hard at time and we will have great times. There will be much learning for Billy and a change to get a bachelors degree. So much is in store for us we don't even know. I'm really excited!