Thursday, August 12, 2010

...and a 3rd letter!

Dang I got a 3rd letter from Billy yesterday. This one melted my heart and I broke into tears most the night and most of this morning. He starts off beating him self up saying he's not sure how he can make this time up away from me and Dax. Well it's time and you can get time back. But the time we do have together can be great! He tells me about all this test and inspections he's having and how's he's passing them with flying colors. He's doubled everything how many push ups he can do and sit ups and how fat he can run his mile. He's doing great. They had a simulated fire they had to put out. The next day they had a real fire to put out and that is really cool. He also laid a big one on me.  It breaks my heart. I haven't seen him in weeks boot camp is a bit longer than two months. I've talked to him maybe twice and now have gotten 3 letters from him. It's my birthday the day he graduates. It's a big day for the whole family. He says he's a grad and go. That means I will have 6 hours tops with him before we have to take him back to boot camp. The next day he's on a plane and leaving for A school. So while everyone else gets to be with their sailors the whole weekend I only get him for 6 hours. I cried all night. I've been reading on groups and posting about the navy since we started talking about it. I should have seen this coming. Everything is last min and the complete opposite from what you were hoping for. So I guess I will go shopping for my new dress and get a hair cut  next week, go to my concert the next weekend and then get ready for a 8.5 hour long car ride with my 2 year old.  :(

One thing I'm looking forward to is seeing him in he's dress whites! Man in a uniform.