Sunday, August 15, 2010

He called back!

So after hearing the news about Billy being a grad and go then him calling the next day and me not answering I was really sad. Well Saturday we all headed down to Lebanon for my sister's pancake breakfast for soccer. After we were done eating we left. On our way back to pick her up he called! I was so excited but there was one problem. I just couldn't hear. For the 10 min phone call we had I only heard maybe 2 mins. He said he's doing great and it's all about test and inspections right now. It's jam packed. This next week is all fighter fighting. He's really enjoyed this part as well as the fighting part. He got a ribbon for the shooting part and qualifies to be a sharp shooter. Not sure what that is but it was still cool. I guess those video games came in handy. But the last week he's there he has gas chamber on Tuesday and battle stations on Wednesday and some time in the next two weeks he's got the captains cup. His division has won all their flags. He's enjoying to church on base. He's looking forward to see us. Oh yeah he also bought $120 worth of his pictures! So hopefully there is more than one It was so sad to hear in his voice the disappointment  when I told him his dad would not be able to go. All he wanted was for him to be there and to give him a hug and tell him how proud he is. So the count down is on and I'm really excited. I bought my new dress this weekend.

This week at some point I'm getting my hair cut. I will be mapping out our tip and getting our tickets for 6 flags. Getting all the snacks and food together. It's going to be a very emotional weekend. But at least I get to be with him on my birthday!