Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Graduation, My birthday, My Sailor!

Thursday August 26th

We woke up at 3am. I got Dad in the car and Dax in the car and off we were to get the mother and sister in law. We were out and on the road at 4. Every one fell asleep. We just kept driving. We stopped a few times. They watched movies and played with toys. We stopped for lunch in Chicago! We stopped at the beach at the lake. We started to get in the sand and Dax wanted nothing in his toes. We got to the water and he wanted nothing to do with the water and such it was so funny. He was in and then he was out. After that he LOVED the water and wanted to go deeper and deeper. He also got to pet a horse for the first time and he was all about that he thought it was the coolest thing it was way too cute! After we left the beach we went to Wrigley Field and that was cool. It was just such a lovely place and so pretty. People were out and about running jogging, roller blading and such you don’t see that here in Nashville. So we made it to the hotel and it was nice. I later left to go to my meet and greet with the moms and wives of the website wwwnavyformoms.com we had a great time and I got to meet a lot of very nice women. I saw most of them the next day too. I got back at like 9 and went to bed!

Friday August 27th

We woke up at 5:30 am to get to the 6:30 shuttle. We got on base and Dax starts talking a storm to this older guy dressed up in military uniform. We get inside and wait. We waited forever! Dax was being awful because he was tired and sleepy and only wanted his mommy. As things get started Dax clamed down a bit. You had the color guard and you hand the band and you had the drill team and you had the state flags. Then they sailors came in. Oh boy when that door went up your heart just stops. It was so great to see him marching in line. They had a few speakers. Honestly I couldn’t tell you what was said I was to busy keep track of Dax taking pictures and looking for Billy. I had told him to wait where he was and I would come get him. So after it was all done we went down on the floor. We found each other and he gave me a big hug and a kiss. Dax went right to him smiling and gave him a hug and kiss saying oh my daddy. It was to cute! Then we left. We went to the NEX while Billy went to get some things. Then we left. We went back to the hotel and he made some calls. We went out to eat. We couldn’t find the place we were looking for so we ended up at a Chinese buffet. Not my cup of tea but I knew that Billy enjoys that so we stayied. So after we ate we went back to the hotel where my dad was putting Dax to bed. After I gave him his food he took the girls to the mall so me, Billy and Dax could have family time. It was nice to have a few hours with just the 3 of us. I miss that. So it came time for dinner. Now being my birthday long story short we ended up at burger king. They don’t even have cheese cake  So after dinner we went to the hotel took some pictures and said good bye to Dax and my dad. We took Billy back to base. We hung out for a while and went to the store they had there. I bought a hoodie and a shirt for Dax. When it was time for him to leave he didn’t give us hugs. He just really didn’t want to get in trouble cause there’s not PDA on base. So we said good bye.

Dax's tattoo!
My heart stopped when this door opened!

Saturday August 28th

Yes I woke up at 2:30am to see my man. I drove all by my self to the O’ Hare airport. There was a toll road and a train I had to take. So he’s calling me and my phone isn’t working well so I could barely hear him. I found the terminal I got my security pass and I found the USO office. I got up there and there was my honey! There were sailors everywhere. So we sat and talked and talked with his friend. Later I made them go down and check there bags. I had to help 4 sailors get their boarding passes it was funny. So we made it back to the gate where we got to hang out for a while longer. This gave me 4 more hours with him and the chance to give him his back pack. In the back pack I was able to give him the laptop, ipod, cell phone. So that’s been nice. They called his section and up we went. I gave him one more big hug and one bigger kiss. Then he was off and on a plane. Yeah I cried it was sad to send him off again after only having now total 11 hours with him.
I got back to the hotel as everyone was getting up. We went and had breakfast and there were two sailors in there. I was so sad to see that they got to spend the night when mine had to leave so soon. So off we were on the road on the way home. My sweet heart called to tell me we left the toy story dvd in the laptop and wanted to know what to do cause he knew that Dax would be wanting it. How sweet is that. We have plenty of the toy story movies so he was good. But he called a few more times and texted me. One of the things that was said to the young sailors before leaving the airport was not to be stupid. Do not spend your money on stripper and hookers, there are other ways to get a lady. To those who are married make sure your wife knows that she is your one and only. So while driving I texted him and asked him that. He texted back and said that I was his one and only forever and for eternity. It was sweet.

Billy has called me every day. He has text me sweet dreams. He has texted me good mornings. Also just nice things threw out the day. It’s so nice not to have that communication barrier any more. It’s still hard not having him here but it’s nice that I don’t have to guess when he’s going to call.

He called later this night as I was getting ready for bed. He told me that things have changed. AGAIN! So now school starts in two months, then he’ll be there for over a year or something like that. So looks like we’ll get to live with him soon! I’m so excited to be closer to him.