Monday, August 23, 2010

I had a date last with....

...this man last night!!!

Not really but you That my friends is Claudio Shanchez. He is the lead singer of Coheed and Cambria and you bet they were here last night. I didn't take the digital incase it was taken up but I did get pictures. Billy wanted to make sure I went seeing that this is our FAVORITE band! They were head lining too! The venue was beautiful. I stood in line and got my wirst band for the ground standing area. I bought Billy a shirt and I was first. I was standing on the gate it was awesome.

The show it's self was good. The first band was not very good and they playied for 30 mins. The second band wasn't very good either and they playied for 1.5 hours!!!! It was aweful each one of their songs was like 15 mins long. NO JOKE. Finally my man shows up. He's lost some weight and cut his hair some. One thing I love about this group is he sounds just like he does on the cd. I just love this muisc. Such passion and feelings. Everyone knew his songs all he would have to do is play while we all sang. It was a perfect night. There was no pushing and no mosh pit this time. I was up front I was having fun for a while. Until I relized how perfect it was and got sad that no one was here to share it with me. I was there alone. After I recived a few text I wasn't feeling it any more and left early. I would never normally do that but I'm so stressed right now. It was a good time and I really enjoy seeing this band. Look them up if you have never heard them before. Good stuff.