Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who's on the phone?

Yeah I had to ask twice. My husband had been trying to call me all morning. Well I didn't know he would be calling so I wasn't ready. But he needed a bunch of information. He called me like every 5 mins! It was really nice to talk with him. He was able to fit in that boot camp is hard but he's enjoying it. When they get in trouble they have to go to their room and work out until they walls start to sweat. GROSS!  His swimming test is tomorrow. After I got all the stuff he needed we knew that this was most likely our last call. You could tell some one was near. He got all quite and was like hey, hey listen. I miss you so much. He started to get all teared up. He said that he misses us alot and he loved us very much. I told him I would get to see him soon and that  I loved him too. So it was nice to have gotten to hear his voice but we didn't get to talk. This counted as my 3 week call now I have another 3 weeks before  I hear from him. :(